The uniqueness of Bio-Cellulose Masks

Are you tired of looking dull and dehydrated like most others nowadays? Do you have to resort to expensive moisturizers and cosmetics to attain glowing skin? But how often do these expensive cosmetics give you the result you seek? Maybe sometimes, but usually they don’t give the results that you seek.  Instead, all you will achieve is acne and coarse skin since the chemicals in such cosmetics are way too much for your skin to handle. What if there was a product that wasn’t harsh and didn’t cost your pocket as much? What if it displayed results unlike the other promising yet under-delivering cosmetics that you have been using for long?

Maybe, the wait is indeed over.

Bio-Cellulose Masks

After years of profound research and study by the skilled professionals and dermatologists, QDEL has succeeded in creating the best healthy skin care product to repair your skin. One of the prime reasons for dull-looking and damaged skin is the absence of moisture. This absence is a result of a lack of hydration in the skin. Keeping in mind this issue, QDEL has come up with the ideal face mask.  It makes use of bio-cellulose in its sheet, thus ensuring that your skin finds its compatible companion.        


It might make you wonder as to how it is not quite the same as every other face mask you hear about often, everywhere? You have your reasons to be skeptical, since, day after day, every cosmetic brand has only promised but never delivered. Day in day out, notable brands have claimed to be natural, but all you get is chemicals and loads of it. In a world with fast-moving cosmetic organizations, we regularly get charmed and pulled in to different skincare items, face serums, and whatnot, all, however, with little outcomes yet, for the most part damaging our skin due to the presence of the unsafe synthetic compounds.

Thus, QDEL attempts to put all your skincare worries at bay. The significance of water on the health of our skin is unparalleled. The most striking property of bio-cellulose is its ability to cause the molecule to be solvated by water, generally referred to as hydrophilicity, which means 'water-loving' in Greek. Thus, these masks are excellent treatment sheets and it goes a long way in fixing and recovering skin cells and it also helps in brightening and calming the skin. They are produced with a superior skincare formula that has kept up all through the brand's history.

What will the Mask do to your skin?

Experts at QDEL have prudently managed to develop a multi-purpose face mask to treat several conditions simultaneously. Since our skin does not get profoundly affected by just a single factor, why settle for something that only targets one issue.

These masks help in skin lightening and brightening. Clichéd, we know, but just that, this time it works.

We understand that one cannot alter their skin from dark to incredibly fair or the other way round, as shown in most advertisements. But, it is conclusively evident that with an increase in sun exposure, the complexion dramatically deteriorates. More often than not, you get an extremely uneven skin tone depending on what was exposed to the sun and which part of the body wasn’t. The main reason behind this is the generation of melanin by the skin.

This pigment contributes to the tanning of the skin. The bio-cellulose mask inhibits the excessive production of melanin and by advancing the production of collagen in the skin, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles (Collagen is a protein that gives structure to your skin).

When the melanin is in control, it will naturally give out an entrancing glow to your skin, giving you younger-looking skin. With the advanced hydrating capacity, the bio-cellulose mask will additionally provide longer-lasting moisture and a sense of coolness. This will prevent your skin from the discomfort, which is usually experienced due to the dryness.

Sugar-coated words with no result; we know you have been there before, but trust we, this isn’t your ordinary cosmetic product.

The QLED bio-cellulose mask is composed of an all-natural material produced through cultured bacteria, which has the highest purity, quality, and increased water holding capacity.

Carefully chosen ingredients such as aloe vera, flower extract, root, and Cucurbita Pepo seed extract (the best kind of antioxidants) have been utilized to benefit your skin with anti-inflammatory and fast wound healing.

Product Type - QDEL Premium Treatment Mask

The premium treatment mask is exceptionally regenerating. The flexibility of the cover is unmatched, and we are unable to stress enough on it. The premium packet accompanies five pieces of the mask, which will provide intensive face care. If that isn’t all, this lightweight hydrating sheet exhibits unequivocal outcomes. It gives a remedial impact in treating the puffiness and spider veins around the eye area. This mask ensures younger looking skin, so much so that you will want never to take your eye off the mirror.

Safe for all skin types, this one of a kind product is the best friend your skin always needed if you have ordinary to dry skin, fantastic! But in any case, if your skin finds it hard to absorb just any skincare product, this is the perfect item for you. As these masks were created exclusively for high-end aesthetic medical clinics, experts also recommend it for anybody with hypersensitivity and various other skin issues.

Why Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask Over Other Sheet Masks

If you have used sheets and other face masks, you would most likely realize how troublesome it is now and again to deal with and keep it from falling off. It isn’t merely possible to go about doing your everyday work with the mask put on your face. However, it is the reverse with bio-cellulose sheet covers. This lightweight innovation is built with ultra-thin fiber. It sits properly on your skin so that you can move around without having to stay stationary.

Bio cellulose is a superfine fiber that is thousand times slender than human hair. It is entirely natural and eco-friendly. Unlike ordinary paper mask sheets, with QDEL’s top-notch innovation, there is no gap between the mask. The mask fits comfortably on every inch of your skin, thereby sealing the surface equitably, thus, giving out the best of its properties to the skin. The high absorption rate connects deeply with your skin. With all the anti-aging and regenerating elements, it conveys a hundred times preferable outcomes over traditional paper sheets.

Also, along with all the qualities mentioned earlier, while using a bio-cellulose mask, you do not have to worry about the mask tearing off. As these are woven firmly, they won’t rip off or dry out like other sheets, giving you the most optimized natural facial treatment.

Last but never the least, bio-cellulose face marks are remarkably unadulterated, bio-degradable, and toxin-free in comparison to traditional paper masks. The superiority of plants and blossom extracts in it washes out the destructive toxins liable for the dullness that is noticeable on the skin. As a result, you get a rejuvenated skin that blooms like fresh lilies.

Treat Your Skin in the Right Way

“When you treat your skin right, nothing ever goes wrong”- Just like this quote, it is vital to take care of your skin. With QDEL’s visionary product, your skincare miseries can go away in a flash. Invest in yourself for a better you, because your skin deserves it. At QDEL, we work towards satisfying your needs in the best possible way, and our bio-cellulose masks make your lives more beautiful and happy.

One of the key challenges that an individual faces when choosing the right skin care product is what is known as the paradox of choice. 

The paradox means that the more one looks for a better product, the more confused one is likely to get. It is often difficult to find that one product that can be a one-stop solution to all the skincare worries. This is where QDEL’s bio-cellulose mask is so effective.  Aesthetic practitioners and dermatologists have also used this dermatology clinic-grade skin repair mask. Designed to boost hydration, calm, soothe, and aid repair. It helps soothe sensitive, dry, inflamed, or problematic skin.

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